You keep your design workflow and habits and make the CMS fit around you and your designs, and not the other way around. We love ❤ static sites.

Why Pulse exists

Pulse is the CMS for making designers and developers look good in front of their clients. We wanted something that is easy to install, template and extend.

So Pulse was built in 2009 and has since then helped 1,000s of agencies and their clients be happier as it's easy to use, installing a plugin doesn't make the site vulnerable or unscalable and there's no mammoth learning curve to worry about.

A Static CMS

We love ❤ static sites (there, said it again).

Static sites are the bee's knees because they're fast to build with, scalable, secure, source control ready, powerful (with third party plugins there's not much you can't do) and extremely fast to load. Not to mention not having to hesitant to make an update because it might break something on the live website. We always shout this opinion to the hills and back.




You're supposed to put something witty here about how Michael likes hiking, ping pong and long walks on the beach. This is just a demo so no need to worry about that. Phew.



Japan Manager

We're based in Japan so our Japanese based users are really important to us even though we predominantly market in English currently. We're running local workshops though.




Community is at the heart of Pulse, with our forums, third party app developers and rocking Facebook profile. As you can see we build this around our users so come aboard and Pulse!